How to turn off show variables for run in 2017.3.3?


I use the run window to show the output of my programs.  In 2017.3.3 the show variables sliding window keeps appearing when I run and rerun my programs.  I turn show variables off via the icon on the run tab and it keeps reactivating at each and every run.  How do I turn this permanently off so it does not keep activating?

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I discovered how to do this.  In the drop down for the file you are running click on 'Edit Configurations...'  and then uncheck the 'show command line afterwards' option.  I do not know how this got checked.  Now the show variables option is not available which is fine for me.

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Same problem here, but not "show command line afterwards" in " Edit Configurations". Also, showing the command line shouldnt' be related with showing the variables..


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Found it:

File > Settings > Build, Execution, Development > Console

Then uncheck the box "Show console variables by default". Apply, Ok,


Thanks to Stackoverflow:


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