PhpStorm running on AWS EC2 instance via X2Go window


FYI. I opened a ticket. Figured I'd post to the community to see if anyone had ideas on how to troubleshoot or improve performance.


We are experimenting with a new development workflow, where developer sandboxes are in the AWS cloud. Unfortunately, we've ran into a few hurdles. I'll list them below:

1) When you start navigating the PhpStorm configuration screens via the X2Go client, it frequently locks up, causing you to have to pause and resume the session to get the windowed environment responding. 
2) When exiting X2Go, pstorm continues to utilize at or near 100% of both CPU cores, even when not in use. Instance performance degrades rapidly and quickly becomes unusable.

Please let me know how we can proceed to troubleshoot and get this product working reliably under Linux. It works great under Windows, however, as our developers move to a LAMP stack, we are encouraging them to use the PhpStorm IDE in AWS so we can utilize all of the great features, including VCS, Docker, Database, and CLI integration.

For your reference, the AWS EC2 instance tier we are using is m5.large. It is running Amazon Linux 2 AMI. 
Model vCPU Mem (GiB) SSD Storage (GB) Dedicated EBS Bandwidth (Mbps) 
m5.large 2 8 EBS-only Up to 2,120

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This is exactly my problem. I'm running Intellij Idea using x2go. Most of the time, if I display a configuration or a search dialog then x2go locks up and I have to pause/resume the session. 


The performance is great without these lock ups. Problem exists under Lubuntu and Ubuntu desktop both (16.04). It has to be something related to Intellij's rendering settings. Fixing this would allow a great development model for many developers. 


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