Custom dictionary file not used



I am using a "Custom Dictionaries Folder" in Settings > Editor > Spelling.  The *.dic files are picked up and listed under "Dictionaries" together with the default project dictionaries.  The *.dic have the one word per line format.


The spellchecker still reports typos for words in the custom dictionary, i.e. the custom dictionary is not honoured.


If I add the words to "Accepted Words" then spellchecking uses them.


How can I further debug why the custom *.dic files are not read correctly before issuing a bug?

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The reason can be definitely related to dictionary encoding. We've fixed a bunch of problems with dictionaries encoding (WI-24663) in 2017.3 but still there are some open issues (WI-36482WI-38065). Sorry for that!  

Restart of IDE may help to resolve the problem.

It would be very helpful if you provide the dictionary file in one of the open issues mentioned above for more detailed investigation.


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