Project Menu Settings


After upgrading to 2018.3, my custom menu settings were reset, including the project menu.  Since then, I have been unable to make any changes to it.  It'll let me move things around and stuff, but (a) the "Apply" button never "lights up" to let me commit my changes, and (b) after closing the dialog, changes have not taken effect.



File -> Settings to get settings dialog

Select Appearance & Behavior -> Menus and Toolbars -> Project View Popup Menu.  Take something like VCS and move it all the way to the top, above "New".

Note the following.

1) APPLY button never enabled.

2) Hitting OK to close the dialog does not commit any changes.


I've seen this on both my machines (Win7 @ work, Win10 @ home) so I am VERY confused as to what might be going on.


Any thoughts / workarounds / working voodoo curses?


Hello Jeff! Could you please record a small screencast that shows the problem? Thank you in advance.


Sure - are we talking just a basic video capture of the steps, or is there some special website I should use or something? Also, don't  have a mic here so hope that's okay.


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