PyCharm Freeze on XFCE


On Ubuntu 16.04 with `xfce4` and `xfce4-goodies` and `nemo` and `gnome-terminal` installed and PyCharm 2017.3.3 I find that PyCharm can hard freeze the entire desktop session when if the `gksu` package is not installed. The only way to recover is to switch to a different TTY and issue the reboot or shutdown command.

I find this only happening when PyCharm would normally try to access root/sudo privileges and pop up a dialog asking for the root/sudo password (such as installing a shortcut for all users and especially installing/upgrading python packages)

Is this a known issue / limitation? I can work around this by installing the `gksu` package

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Hello Anthony! Could you please create an issue about it in Pycharm issue tracker: and attach your zipped log folder ( there? Thank you.


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