How to restore factory Pycharm layout


I did a mess with Pycharm's layout in multiple windows and monitors and also I saved the current layout as default. 

Now I want to go back to the factory layout, but I didn't find how to do it?

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Window > Restore Default Layout

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This was the first thing I did and it does not work because apparently "Store current layout as default" overwrites the factory layout. 

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In that case, reinstall it to a different directory, and go into the PyCharm directory and pull out the layout file, and drop it into your original install.

Or adjust all the windows on your screen and save as new layout. Easy to find images of default layout on google. Just copy the design.

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Both are not the ideal solution. Most software that allows layout change has an option to restore the original layout. Where can I leave this suggestion for improvement?

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I have lost my color preview near on Pycharm as well near the line numbers.  Right clicking on the number line gutter shows that the Color Preview is checked...   Not sure what happened, but I also do not have autocomplete anymore.  I used to be able to start typing a class and it would pop up a window showing all classes that started with my initial typing, but no more.  It does not autocomplete any classes.

What is going on???  This is very frustrating.  I have tried resetting to default as well and it doesn't seem to make a difference.  I know this is something I must have done, but I am getting to the point where I am about to dump PyCharm and move over to Atom or VS Code.  Does anyone have a solution for me?

Thanks in advance for taking time to read this.

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Hi, Rogeriodec !

Could you try to delete a file "window.manager.xml", its in your PyCharm user config directory, like this:


This file (window.manager.xml) saves the default layout.

If you delete it, you can reset the default layout.

And you should exit your IDE first.

If its not work, maybe you need to delete your workspace layout file in directory, like this:


This folder has some XML, find out and delete it.

Hope work for you ! :)


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