PHPStorm Only connects once via SFTP

My web host just moved to only accepting ftp connections via SFTP.  I changed my server configuration to SFTP when I discovered this and it connected, although it did give me a 'The authenticity of host XXXXXX can't be established' warning. I just pressed 'Yes' to continue connecting and it connected... so far so good.  However, that was yesterday and today when I tried to connect it says 'Connection to XXXX failed.  Could not connect to SFTP server at XXXX'.  I changed the server name to put www in front and it connected... once.  Then the second time it wouldn't connect again.  It seems to only connect once but then not after that (and it must have thought the second one was a different server since it has www in front?).

I'm using SFTP with password authentication type.  How do I get this to connect reliably?  At the suggestion of my web host I downloaded WinSCP and it connected properly using the same credentials and password authentication so I don't think it's an issue with the server I think it's PhpStorm...

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Sorry, disregard this (I don't see how to delete it).  Web host was messing with something that disabled the connection temporarily and then put it back but the timing was such that it made me think it was the program... sorry about that...


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