Stop Indexing, Part Forever

I am reinstalling Ruby because my bundle can't install due to an issue with compiled gems.  It could be days before I figure out how to resolve this.  In the meantime I have to get work done still.

I still want to edit my code.

Bundler isn't found, and my gems are "missing"

Please give us a way to stop indexing.  The indexing cycle is churning my computer and eating my battery alive.  This is insane.  I literally don't care what you think JetBrains.  This is a bug for this user of many, many years.  I've seen threads where Elena says this can't be fixed.  Fix it anyway.

Clicking the pause button on the index process does NOTHING.  Switching to Atom.  Let me know when you have fixed the IDE.

I see lots of other issues with the same problem.  I'll vote for those.  Maybe if we clog your ticket system, you will listen?


I agree.  The amount of time spent downloading gems (that are already in my project) and indexing (over and over again) is seriously hurting my productivity.



could you please specify whether there's infinite indexing or not. In case yes then does it happen to all your projects or not? What RubyMine version are you using?


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