Not getting PHP Web Application option in run configuration defaults?


So this is a head scratcher. I'm working with laravel/homestead.

I have the vm configured and running just fine.

I have xdebug installed and have confirmed it's ready for use.

I've defined a PHP Server in my phpstorm settings that use my project accordingly... however.

when attempt to create a new run configuration (as per multiple instructions) my expectation is to find an entry for 'PHP Web Application' and associate the PHP/Server that I defined prior. There is no such choice. I see:

PHP Built-in Web server
PHP HTTP Request
PH Remote debug
PHP Web page

but no PHP Web Application

why not? Is this a plugin that I'm missing?


Hi there,

As per my knowledge it's the same thing -- it was renamed in 2017.3.

  • 2017.2 -- PHP Web Application
  • 2017.3 -- PHP Web Page

Thanks Andriy, guess I just should have tried it ;)  works as it should!


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