Creating "recursive jar dir" libraries from the IDE


I'd like to define some libraries that have a root directory, and recursively search that directory for all JAR files and include them. (I have some vendor-supplied Java library trees with a bunch of JAR files and multi-level directory nesting.)

If I create a library and add a directory to it, it includes all JARs at the top level. And if I open up the `.idea/libraries/<library>.xml` file, there's a "recursive" option. If I edit it and enable "recursive", it seems to do what I want: the JARs in subdirectories also appear in the project structure.

<jarDirectory url="file:///Applications/<my_vendor_app>.app/java/jar" recursive="false" />

Is there a way to enable that "recursive" option in the GUI, just for ease of use? I'm going to instruct other users on how to do this, and I'd like to make the instructions as easy as possible. I didn't see any option to do so. Seems like this would be a good checkbox to have.


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