Docker-compose + PHPUnit kill my container after running the test


I've set up the cli-interpreter following the tutorial and a video and I got it working.

However, as I'm developing the site, I have docker-compose running in the background via this command "docker-compose up -d"

After running any test in PHPStorm my app container is stopped by PHPStorm.

Is there a way to keep it running?


Here is the print out in cli when running the test. You can see that the last step exits the container.


Testing started at 4:00 PM ...
docker-compose://[/path_to_my_project/docker-compose.yml]:app/php /var/www/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit --configuration /var/www/phpunit.xml --filter "/(::testSomething)( .*)?$/" SampleTest /var/www/tests/unit/SampleTest.php --teamcity
Starting my_phpstorm_helpers_1 ...
Recreating my_app ...
Attaching to my_app
app_1 | PHPUnit 7.1.5 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.
app_1 |
app_1 |
app_1 |
app_1 | app_1 |
app_1 | app_1 |
app_1 | app_1 |
app_1 | app_1 |
app_1 |
app_1 | Time: 4.06 seconds, Memory: 18.00MB
app_1 |
app_1 | OK (1 test, 8 assertions)
my_app exited with code 0
Aborting on container exit...
Stopping my_app ...

Process finished with exit code 0

Vladimir Luchansky
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That's how Docker workflow is currently done - containers are recreated.

Please vote for and check the comments for possible workarounds.

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My workaround:

In PhpStorm as CLI-Interpreter choose as Remote server “Docker” instead “docker-compose”. There choose as image name your existing PHP image. In this case starts PhpStorm new own docker container if you run your unit test process.

Tested with PhpStorm Version 2018.3

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