eslint rules config in PyCharm on Windows [solved]


In PyCharm, I needed to ignore eslint rules in my project **only on my laptop** (which is Windows), and did not want to modify project .eslintrc or similar files (because the rest of the team is on Linux). I tried adding the additional rules per the eslint plugin, but Pycharm was still flagging a million lint errors due to this rule: "Expected linebreaks to be 'LF' but found 'CRLF' linebreak-style in Eslint".


Response from PyCharm:

You can't make PyCharm ignore certain rules in your .eslintrc if you have ESLint integration enabled - just as you can't do this when running ESLint in terminal. But you can choose a different .eslintrc with preferred set of rules and root: trueas a configuration file in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Code Quality Tools | ESLint. Note also that ESLint would still traverse parent dirs looking for other .eslintrc files. To avoid this, you can pass --no-eslintrc in Extra eslint options


So the solution that worked for me was:

1. Copied the project .eslintrc into a new .eslintrc config **outside** of my repo

2. Added this rule to the top of the 'rules' section , with a comment:  

"linebreak-style": 0,                # ignore linebreaks on windows

3. Pointed PyCharm to the new local .eslintrc file (under menu /File/Settings/Languages & Frameworks / Javascript / Code Quality Tools / ESLint; or just use the search feature for 'eslint').



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