AppCode freezes each time I type include directive


I'm on AppCode 2018.1 and I'm using it to work on a big C++ project. It all started a while ago. Each time I type  #include" and a character, appcode freezes for several seconds. After second character it freezes again, and then again until I either type quotation mark or path separator. 

Are there any solutions? It is so irritating that even disabling autocomplete for include paths will work. Is that possible?


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Tatiana Shabaeva
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Hi Maxim,

Could you please try out 2018.2 EAP and see if the problem is still actual there?

If yes, please file an issue in our tracker and attach zipped contents of logs folder (Help | Show Log in Finder) after reproducing the problem. It would also make sense to check what amount of memory does the IDE use (and whether it reaches its upper bound) - for that purpose, please enable "Show memory indicator" in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance.

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