How can I change color scheme's indentication variable datatype in TypeScript?

Hello. I try to change color scheme's indentication variable datatype in TypeScript, but can't find this option.

For default color scheme (I use Solorized) datatype marks like keyword, that's why for me it's too hard concentrate on value name.

I can switch this hightlight for not too agressive on VS Code, but I didn't find any solution for WebStorm :(

Can I change color scheme only for datatype, not for all keywords?  (hightlite for return, this and etc. it's okey)


Thank you.


Not possible in 2017.3.x; is fixed in 2018.1 - you can try the EAP available at


Thank you for your answer, but it didn't work for me. I installed EAP 2018.1 and tried change style with my settings - not worked. Then I deleted all settings and tried default setup and theme. I can see new settings for this, but after use it i can't see any changes. I restarted and reopened. Not worked :( String and return have got the same color and style.


What did you change namely? Changing Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | TypeScript | Primitive type color works fine for me:


Sorry. I change Type parameter, type alias and interface in the end) When change primitive types all works fine. Than you for your help.


Thanks for clearing it up:)


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