Persistent Remote Python Interpreter


Hi there!


I'd like to ask if it's possible to setup a persistent remote python interpreter using PyCharm.


At my current stage, I've setup a remote virtualenv on my server and I access it through SSH credentials. That's a really great feature of PyCharm. 

However, one challenge I'm facing is that everytime I turn off PyCharm / my laptop (I'm using a MacBook late 2014), the session is killed. This means that I can't run jobs overnight and leave the premise or allow the project to work headless.

Is there a way to set this up? I'm not really familiar as to what this problem / idea is so I thought it was something along the line of a persistent remote python interpreter.


Thanks a lot for the help!

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We have similar request on YouTrack: Feel free to vote for it and add your suggestions in comments.

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Hi Yaroslav,


Thanks, I've also voted for the solution. Is there a way to connect to a jupyter server instead then to keep the session running? Would that be a viable solution?

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> This feature is under development:
This allows a possible workaround, but this is not the same thing as a persistent remote interpreter. However, the first ticket mentioned ( is relevant.


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