I can't open IDE in other desktop.

I use windows 10 and often switch between different desktops. Recently I've noticed that webstrom is not opening in other desktops. I need to close work copy of IDE in other desktop to open it in current one.

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you can't run several WebStorm instances, as they can't access their caches concurrently... So, any attempt to run a new instance results in shutting the process down.
If you really need running 2 instances at the same time, you can install WebStorm to a different folder and specify a different configuration and caches directories for it (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEABKL-5934#comment=27-182509).
Follow the instructions at: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/23348963-Changing-IDE-default-directories-used-for-config-plugins-and-caches-storage

Main steps:
1. Install WebStorm to a different location.
2. Change idea.properties file for this installation. Remove comments for these properties:

After that you will be able to run two instances of WebStorm at the same time.

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Windows 10 has this nifty feature of multiple desktops you can switch between.

When IntelliJ (in my case PhpStorm) is already opened, a second click to the shortcut in taskbar/desktop won't have a effect.

What works is: Return to Desktop 1, open your project in a separate window, move it to Desktop 2. But this is pretty much anoying.


Couldn't you check if there is a running instance when starting a second one and ask for what to do?

Something like: Another instance of IntelliJ is currently running. What do you want to do?

- Focus running instance
- Open new Window (on the desktop I'm currently working in) 


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