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I just purchased AppCode. Very impressed with what I see so far.

I have two questions.

1) When I choose Code -> Reformat Code, my "for" loop is formatted in a very odd way.

for ( var i = 0; i < 10; i += 1 )

is reformatted to:

for ( var i = 0;
i < 10;
i += 1 )

How can I change this so it doesn't format it this way? I don't see an option in Preferences...-> Editor -> Code Style -> Swift -> Wrapping and Braces.

2) Is there a way to have AppCode apply formatting as I'm working (like ReSharper does) so I don't have to go to Code -> Reformat Code every time I want my code formatted?





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Hi Mark.

Which Swift version are you using in the project? I believe we no longer support Swift 2.x syntax (i.e. C-style loop that you've mentioned) in latest AppCode versions. Which AppCode version are you on, BTW? And which Xcode is selected in Preferences | Tools | Xcode?


As for the second question, formatting should normally work as-you-type, there's no specific setting for that. If you noticed specific cases where it fails to work so, please share with us (either here or directly in tracker).

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Hi Tatiana,

Swift version: 4

AppCode version: 2017.3

Selected Xcode version in AppCode: 9.2

For my first question, I'm a knucklehead. I was writing C# in my Swift code. Sorry. :-/

However, for my second question, here's the pattern. And, this isn't just applicable to 'for' loops - I did this when creating a 'func' as well.

func doIt(){ <--typed the { and then pressed enter and it formatted like

I would expect it to format like this (placing the left brace on a new line directly beneath func):

func doIt()


Same happens to the 'for' and probably the others too.

My "Editor -> Code Style -> Swift -> Wrapping and Braces -> Braces placement" settings are:

In type declarations      Next line, each shifted

In methods and functions      Next line, each shifted

Other      Next line, each shifted



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Hi Mark, 

Thanks for the additional info - I've created OC-16785 per your report. Please vote for it.


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