How can I make any project use the same tool windows layout settings?


Quick example: The debug window is docked at the bottom of the editor by default, I have it set up as a separate window floating on my second monitor. When I create a new project and open it, the debug window is docked at the bottom of the editor again. It will still be floating on my second monitor if I open the first project again. I just want it to stay where it is, no matter which project I open. And when I change something in the layout, and I open another project, I want those changes there as well. It makes no sense to me to handle IDE layout settings on the project level, this should really be done on the editor level, or even Jetbrains account level similar to importing/exporting settings.

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Through `window -> save current layout as default` and `window -> restore default layout` it sort of works. The windows are still in weird positions and improperly scaled, but at least floating windows are floating and docked windows are docked, so that's something.


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