Function '' is too large to analyze


Hello guys.

I am very happy with pycharm and how it works, but I have a minor problem lately and struggle to find cause of it. Since I use it, I am trying to please gods of clear code and take into account all pycharm suggestions.

But in my latest file, pycharm says "Function '' is too large to analyze" even that the file is really not very large. In fact, it has just like some 2000 lines, while I have no problem working with like 12 000 line files without this warning.

So my question is, how does pycharm determine if the file is to large???


have the same issue.

but I don't have functions at all, just a flat code with 145 lines.


same, how to fix ? seems like a bug with elif, just removed it and proble gone


Please follow the related issue on YouTrack for updates:


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