Cursor during Find


When searching for a word, and it finds a match, shouldn't the cursor jump to the word instead of staying at the search box ?? I found this odd and unlike other editors and am pretty sure IJ did not behave like this before.. Getting increasingly annoying,


This includes Find in  Path too. I just did a search, hit down arrow, and the file mask box activates ???!! (Well I was there last, but after results appear cursor should be in results IMO)



Cursor should be located at matching work if you press Esc to close search tool and return focus to editor.


Or press Ctrl-Enter: That puts the focus to the match in the editor but leaves the search bar open.



I agree with both of your comments, but it should not be a 2-step or require additional keys to press.

I guess if no one else has an issue with this I will have to learn the Ctrl+Enter or Esc way - thanks !


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