Running phpunit tests on remote server hangs

I'm running a largish test suite (350 tests) on PhpStorm 2017.3.3 on Windows, executing the tests using a remote interpreter on a Linux box.  What has started happening in the last couple of weeks is that most of the time the test run hangs indefinitely (e.g. overnight).  This is usually on one of the tests that produces no output for a tens of seconds or perhaps a couple of minutes.

I can see the phpunit process on the server is still running.  If I manually stop the UT from PhpStorm, then the process on the server doesn't always get killed.  Sometimes if I come back later on I will see that the phpunit process goes away, but the test continues to run on PhpStorm (perhaps the whole suite has actually finished here, but I don't know how to check that since the output would flow back to PhpStorm). 

These kinds of things make me suspicious about whether PhpStorm has lost its connection to the remote process.

If I run these tests in isolation from PhpStorm they work fine.  If I run the whole phpunit suite from the command line on the server, using the same command that PhpStorm is using, that works fine too.

I've changed the SSHD config on the machine to send keepalives from the server side and have a high timeout, which didn't help.  The deployment config advanced options says it should send keepalives every 30 seconds. I've had a Remote Host browser window open and closed (I've previously seen that having a remote browser window open avoids having to reopen a connection to upload files).  My SSH connections to the server from puttty remain up - so it's not a flaky network or server.

I'm a bit stuck now.  Any suggestions?


We would need to check the logs first. Please run Help > Compress Logs & Show in ... and upload somewhere we could get the resulting archive next time this occurs.


I've got some logs, but there's a warning that they may contain sensitive data so I don't want to post a link here.  How can I get it to you?


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