Git status sometimes not showing correct branch

Don't know when this started but I have had some problems the last week, that's why I post it here.

I'm on the Mac, using PHPStorm 2018.1.6 and GitKraken to manage a couple of projects. I have now found out that sometimes PHPStorm no longer picks up the correct branch automatically, instead I have to close the project and re-open. (By picking up I mean displaying the correct git branch name in the lower right corner of the window). GitKraken checks out the correct branch, so does "git status" in the terminal.

The information under "Version Control / Local Changes" is also wrong in these cases leading to confusion.

Most of the times, the update works but once a day or so it doesn't, requiring a restart of the IDE.


No similar reports so far on our tracker (there's one back from 2011).

I would suggest collecting logs next time this occurs (Help > Compress Logs and Show in ...) and uploading them somewhere for us to inspect.


I have similar issues:

Basically for phpstorm to pick up the correct branch, the integrated terminal needs to be open and then you have to change focus from mac terminal back to the opened integrated terminal and it updates the branch name.


Similarly, when using the integrated terminal alone and doing a git checkout, you have to switch focus, and when you go back to phpstorm , then it's updated.


This started happening to me a few weeks ago, too. I upgraded to latest (2018.2.1) and it still happens.

I will change branch in cygwin, then switch to IntelliJ and it sometimes doesn't pick up the new branch. VCS > Refresh File Status fixes it, until it happens again. I will try to get some logs the next time it happens.


@Derek White Best would be to contact support team via "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page and provide the logs to them.


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