How to checkout specific files from another branch with Git and PhpStorm UI ?



I'm looking for a way to checkout only specific files/folders in the working branch, from another branch. This would be the equivalent of the git command:

`git checkout <branch_name> -- <paths>`


Is there any options from the User Interface in PhpStorm?

The example scenario is that I keep a Languages Branch with a multilingual application and setup (Joomla CMS), so this is not a feature Branch. Each time I want to update or create a language pack, I use this branch, so I don't have to do the setup again. My Master branch does not have a multilingual setup, but keep the code up-to-date from features branches merged into Master.

So when I'm back into my Languages Branch, I just want update the latest features already into master, but not the whole branch (It will disturb my multilingual setup). I don't need to compare or resolve conflicts from Master to my Branch, as I want the latest from Master without interaction.

Note: this is not a merge or cherry-pick.

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Thanks Eugene, vote done!


Actually, there is a way to get some specific revision of the file into the Local changes and then commit.

To do this, use the Show History for a file, enable showing all branches, pick the revision you need and use the Get action form context.

To open history for a file that exists only in the other branch, you could try the Open History for Revision from the Log.



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