Typehint (key hint) for python class with __getitem__



I have class in python with map of values, which can be use for calling get item on that class. In Pycharm i want typehint fot list of keys in this map. Is there any possibility to do that? What do i want:

class MyOwnClass:

    map = { 'first' : 1, 'second' : 2}

    def __getitem__(item):

        return self.map[item]



m = MyOwnClass()

m[' ']                 

    ^---------- At this place i want to press CTRL+SPACE and i want to get list of available keys.


Is there any solution for this? Or i must create some plugin for this.


Thank you so much


I don't believe type hints can give you keys in a dictionary.


Hi Dragonwilson194! Type hints are indeed irrelevant here. Meanwhile, PyCharm is able to provide completion for dictionary keys in simple cases, e.g.

unfortunately, your example is too complex and isn't supported. I believe PY-21079 request is relevant, feel free to vote for it.


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