phpstorm (2017.3.4) performing code analysis before commit to git blocked

Hello, i've an Angular project with ngrx,

I don't really realize when, but now, as soon as i change somes files content (not all) with even just a space,

then try to commit it to my git server, the "performing code analysis" before the commit, is totally blocked.

i can cancel the analysis, but i don't understand how and why this happened...

i can avoid it too, by unchecking the "perform code analysis", but it's usefull, so i would like to keep it active

if i clone my project and then try to make changes to my file, and then commit it everything works fine until i do a "npm install".

It's very strange because code analysis work perfectly fine while i'm editing.

ng serve works fine, ng build too (even with --prod --aot, which is often "mode strict")

i've already :

  • perform a "file/Invalidate Caches / Restart"
  • fully uninstall then reinstall node, npm, type script ngrx,...

i really don't understand what happen.


here is one of the file that "hang", a simple ngrx action file...

it's not a crazy piece of code...

import {Action} from '@ngrx/store';
import {User} from '../../users/user.model';

export const TRY_SIGNIN = 'TRY_SIGNIN';
export const SIGNIN = 'SIGNIN';
export const LOGOUT = 'LOGOUT';
export const SET_TOKEN = 'SET_TOKEN';

export class TrySignIn implements Action {
readonly type = TRY_SIGNIN;

constructor(public payload: { login: string, password: string }) {

export class SignIn implements Action {
readonly type = SIGNIN;
constructor(public payload: User) {

export class UpdateSignIn implements Action {
readonly type = UPDATE_SIGNIN;
constructor(public payload: User) {

export class Logout implements Action {
readonly type = LOGOUT;

export class SetToken implements Action {
readonly type = SET_TOKEN;

constructor(public payload: string) {

export type AuthActions = SignIn
| UpdateSignIn
| Logout
| SetToken
| TrySignIn;


Are there any errors in Help > Show Log in ... > idea.log file after you reproduce this?

Somewhat similar issue is being discussed at - would be great if you could join the discussion and check the workarounds suggested by dev team there.



first off all, thank you for your answer and helpfull advice.


I've tried phpStorm EAP (Build #PS-181.4096.20, built on March 7, 2018) and that works !

it's seems just a little (not even sure) bit slower on the problematic file. But it's working !

and if i try again with phpStorm 2017.3.4 it doesn't.


So for now, i'll just uncheck the "performing code analysis" checkbox until 2018.1 will be released.


And no, unfortunatly, there is absolutly no log... But it doesn't surprise me because, nothing "crash", it's just blocked and nothing happen.

And then i can cancel without any trouble...


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