PyCharm Freezing macOS


Hi! I'm currently using PyCharm Professional Edition under a student license to develop my Django apps. However, sometimes PyCharm just randomly freezes and I have to force shut down my whole computer.

I've looked in the logs and there seems to be a bunch of folders named like "threadDumps-freeze-20180303-105735-PY-172.3968.37-7sec", I think that probably has to do with it but I cannot figure out by looking at the log.

Any ideas? One such instance of the log here: 

I've also uploaded it to the web form under name "threadDump-20180304-053028"


Hello Oliver!

Could you please check the problem with Pycharm 2017.3.4? If the problem remains, please file an issue about it to Pycharm issue tracker: with your zipped log folder (


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