Code Completion problem..


When I use Code Completion, for example, (I want to use <form> tag in jsp page.)

1. write a <form in <body>.


2. press a code completion short-cut and select a completion and press Enter key. 


3. <form> is completed, but there is still '<'. (purple circle in screenshot)

I want to use Code Completion without that '<'. (purple circle) 

Please answer me.


It's a bug. Thanks for the report, submitted at

As a workaround you can type form and press Tab instead (see Live Templates).


here the problem when i write python code in html template in django. it dis not auto complete nor becomes colorful. plz help to solve this problem


Please report in the PyCharm forum or file a bug at with the sample project and the steps to reproduce.

Your problem is unrelated to this topic and it's not polite to hijack other's support topics.


This problem is solved. It was live template problem.

I want to delete this post. But I can not find the delete button.Could you please delete this post for me? I'm really sorry


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