Remote Interpreter doesn't follow symlinks

I have setup a remote interpreter in my PyCharm and the python library's site-packages folder contains many symlinks instead of hard links. This results in PyCharm not following symlinks and not caching the files under remote_sources. Is there a flag to force PyCharm to follow symlinks?

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I have the exact same issue with PyCharm 2020.2.3 as use of Airflow's Backport Providers for 1.10.x needs to use symlinks for unifying namespaces of packages later pip installed from main Airflow app: see

Can PyCharm show/follow symlinks so it shows up under External Libraries > Remote Interpreter > Remote Libraries?

This is causing incorrect linting errors, code inspection errors, etc.  Note, using Python console and importing such a library that is symlinked does work though without error, in case that hint helps in any way.

I've added comment to bug ticket that appears to be tracking this same issue here:


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