Can't pull from / push to GitHub "alert protocol version"


Today, I found that PyCharm was no longer able to push or pull from GitHub. It can still see all of my repositories. However, if I choose "test" from the "clone repository" window, or attempt to pull or push from an existing repo, I get an error message like the one in the dialog below. I have tried deleting my JetBrains configuration and starting over. I have not yet tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling PyCharm because that takes forever.

I should say that I can happily pull and push from the same repositories at the command line.



For me, also git from the command line showed the same error. Downloading and installing the newest version (both git and pycharm) fixed it.


On February 22nd GitHub is dropping weak cryptography algorithms - As a result some systems and older git clients will stop working. Please update your git client.


Hi, I'm using the built-in git client. There are no plugin updates available. Command line git works just fine.


Found this bug that has a workaround:

Switch to native SSH executable in Settings | Version Control | Git | SSH executable


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