Location directory is not empty while creating project in pyCharm


I'm trying to create a new python project but when I'm selecting a location it gives as message that location directory is not empty even if the directory is empty.


I am using 2018.1 (just installed a few days ago). I am getting the same error.

Here's what I know about my situation.

I started to create a virtual environment, but after initial creation, couldn't find my venv directory, so closed the project and then

deleted the entire directory.

I now try one more time to create a virtual environment with the same name as before, and even though I deleted the entire directory before starting, get the 'Environment location directory is not empty' error.



I was just having the same issue with the 2018.1 Community Edition. I was able to resolve the issue by deleting the project from my "virtualenvs" directory. After that I was able to recreate the project.


I am using 2018.1 version. And I got the same bug. I can`t change my project environment to a conda environment. 


Asrivastava's comment worked for me.  I went into the file directory on my computer and deleted the "venv" file for the project and it worked.


maybe I made virtualenv environment bad, so I  use  System Interpreter


I am using 2018.2 version. but i got the same issue.how can I choose the environment I just created. hope the issue can be solved quickly!


Hello Friend!
Open the following shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + S), and click (Project: xxxx), now choose (Project Structure) and select (home / yourUser / PycharmProjects / XXXX / venv / bin) and right-click (Excluded) or (Alt + E).
Now click (+ Add Content Root) and see if it points to the following location (/ home / yourUser / PycharmProjects / XXXXX / venv / bin) and click OK.
Now close the IDE and open it again.


it seems that nobody can solve the problem!!!  feel bad!!!


I solved this issue.


Settings > Project Interpreter>

1. Create virtual environment so that we can modify its path later.

            To add: Add > Select any empty directory in location field -> Select any previous executable in Base interpreter and apply setting.


After you created virtual environment.

Show all >

Select last interpreter you created >

Locate your desirable virtualenv executable path and save the setting. 

Restart the Pycharm and enjoy.


Thanks, olidebnedra@gmail.com for any other problem.



Just go to your Anaconda3 (in case you are using Anaconda3) folder and from there go to envs and then delete the folder of your project. Now you'll be able to create a new project with the same name. 

And you also need to delete it from PyCharm Project folder and that I think should be very obvious to you all.  


I have added in the front of venv in this case venv27 in add Python Interpreter > New environment > Location "C:\dev\kivy\venv" and worked for me. Thanks.


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