How can I remove all java or python specific codes in an intellij-community release?

I am a custom language plugin developer, and I have some knowledge about plugin development but limited knowledge on the IntelliJ platform.

I want to embed my plugin into a JB IDE and exclude irrelated languages support (but keep some globally useful languages like RegExp, json, xml, of course ;D).

I've just "download zip"ed a pycharm release (version 182.748) and spent hours to try to remove all java and python related stuffs, and I found it extremely difficult since there's lots of things happen at runtime and it's too slow to check dependencies in the project structure window.

I want to know how does JB start a new IDE (like, how does JB create a IDE prototype), please help me ;D


There is no need to remove unneeded staff in the sources. Instead you can edit a build scripts to product a smaller IDE. The simplest way is editing IdeaCommunityProperties (and its super-class BaseIdeaProperties) to exclude unneeded modules from the platform and remove unnecessary bundled plugins.


@Nikolay Thanks for telling me where the build scripts are, and I've successfully built PyCharm community yesterday!

One more question: if I removed all the python-related modules in PyCharm's build script and add my own plugin module, is there anything else that I have to do?


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