DataGrip always asks for password for my local PostsgreSQL connection


Whenever I try to open any table in my local Postgres connection, DataGrip asks for password, saying:

"The specified database user/password combination is rejected:

[08004] The server requested passord-based authentication but no password was provbided"

And I always have to re-enter the password, even when "Remember" checkbox is checked. Also that password was specified while creating connection.

Meanwhile at my another computer I do not have such issue.

What can be the problem? Is it a bug in DataGrip or something wrong with my local Postgres configuration?

P.S. Now DataGrip started to ask for password only one time after I relaunch it. After that I can freely open tables.


@Alexander Egorov Could you e-mail IDE logs to and provide a screenshot of your "Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Passwords" settings?



@vasily chernov

Sent you the files.


@ Alexander Egorov 
Thank you for logs.
It's the known issue .
As a temporary workaround you need to enable "Save passwords => In KeePass".


Unfortunately, KeePass works terrible in my case. Anytime I launch DataGrip and open any table for the first time - this operation takes a couple of minutes, all I see is a lagging spinner with the word "Processing". Also, when I change the password, this also takes a long time, sometimes making DataGrip irresponsive (but CPU load is low though). Seems all operations "through" KeePass take a long time.


Weirdly enough I just disabled remember password at Data Sources and Drivers , and it did not ask every time for pass. 

When I tried enabling remember pass back again, it kept asking for password again...

Try it out.


unselecting remember me works for me as well on datagrip. This is wierd.


I have found a solution ...

Go to Preferences -> System Settings -> Passwords ... and from there choose KeyPass for saving passwords

This will save passwords in a file so it should not have any problems in the future, the only bad thing is that since pass is saved in a file it can be less secure (but in my case I dont really care since all my servers are local)





Had the same problem with 2018.1 installation in MacOs. It has been working find until recently it started asking for password even though I checked "Remember Password"  and "Native Keychain" in Appearance & Behavior -> System Settings -> Password.

Like @Flaviorajta said, I unchecked "Remember Password" and filled the password and counter-intuitively, the problem is gone. 


To uncheck "Remember Password" saves the day. Thanks very much.

But maybe its a missunderstanding. "Remember Password" means "Remember to ask the password again and again" :-)


Same issue, Arch Linux KDE.


@ Evgeniy Tsvigun 
Coud you try to store your password is KeePass?


I think this should be the default behaviour of the save password feature.


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