launching built SDK

When I go into community/bin/WinLauncher and double click on the WinLauncher64.exe icon I get an error that says

"cannot find VM options file".


I don't know what it wants me to do. I didn't see anything about this in the instructions. 




You aren't supposed to run WinLauncher*.exe files. They are used as templates to generate real launchers when IntelliJ IDEA distribution is being built.

If you want to run IntelliJ IDEA from sources, start 'IDEA' run configuration from the IDE (see If you want to create a distribution run build.xml.


Thanks Nikolay!  I will try that sometime today !


I really appreciate any help I get. Wish I knew enough to give back...unfortunattely I am compelled to keep giving up on the whole plugin thing owing to time constraints, so I'm sort of useless... re-starting another effort now to realize my  plugins...

Yeah I tried to build those .md files on my dev machine but couldn't get all the parts you need to download working together.  Why not HTML in a  .zip? I know how to deal with that LOL.. 


Thanks again! 










Note that if you want to develop a plugin (not a custom IDE) you don't need to checkout sources of IDEA Community at all, see our manual.


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