Persisting Distraction Free Layout and Options?



Couldn't find anything specific to this with several searches.

I mostly work in distraction free mode, but it seems to reset its preferences every time you exit it to find it at "default" once re-entered.

Some examples:

* Show Whitespaces works fine if you toggle it on through enter action (Shift + Ctrl + A, show whitespaces), but will be reset if you leave and re-enter.

* Structure view (which I like on the left in full view and on the right in Distraction free) can be invoked and positioned (alt + 7, options, move to, right) but will reset if you leave and re-enter.

This is true for most similar options.

I can't find any way to persist such things, or in the case of editor settings (whitespaces) to even make PyCharm obey my "global" preferences. Am I missing something or is it simply not there and Distraction Free has somewhat hard coded options?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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