Git commit, no changes detected (problem solved)


Hi all :

After I edit a file and commit, it always shows " No changes detected ", and the file I edit, the color change to not what I usually seen before.

Normally should change into this color, right?


Meanwhile,  local changes always show " default " after I edit any files in the project.


I am not sure it's IDE's problem or git's problem, so I use Sourcetree application, and it worked with commit and push to my GitHub successfully.

Here's my IDE Settings / Version Control view

And my Help / Show Log in Explore  file link


My develop environment OS Windows10, Webstorm version is 2018.1.


Seems the status of the files shown as Ignored.

Make sure they are not added to Settings - Version Control - Ignored Files list.


Oh yes, it's been added into ignored files for some reason I don't  know. Thank you so much!


Dmitriy Smirnov answer worked for me perfectly in Webstorm


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