conda env not set in terminal


I use PyCharm 2017.3 Pro and conda (miniconda3) to manage my projects.

Since the begining of the year I found that the integrated terminal window does not set the virtual environment of the project (reproductible on Windows10 and MacOS Sierra).

The terminal settings "Shell integration" and "Activate virtualenv" are checked and the environment is correctly recognized in the IDE.

It used to do it on these projects until end of 2017, which basically mreans before the last update.

What could have changed?

Does anybody else have this problem?





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Hello Christophe,

Please follow the related issue on YouTrack:

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I've looked at the issue but I do not see a resolution.

If the "Shell integration" and "Activate virtualenv" are checked then a new terminal window should open with the original, base, environment activated?

However, there is a complication in my project setup in that I have two virtual environments and I enter into the second from the first, as a way of dealing with dependencies. Unwise, perhaps, but this is what I have done and it seems to work apart from that the terminal doesn't pick up any v environment.

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Issue is in opened state, so  it's under investigation. We'll provide fix or workaround as soon as possible.


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