Docker-compose not working in 2018.1


I just updated to PyCharm 2018.

When I try to launch/debug with a docker-compose interpreter, it just show me the "docker-compose up --help" message.

docker-compose://[/home/pod/projects/project/docker-compose.yml]:web/python -u /opt/.pycharm_helpers/pydev/ --multiprocess --qt-support=auto --port 57911 --file /opt/project/ runserver
Builds, (re)creates, starts, and attaches to containers for a service.

Unless they are already running, this command also starts any linked services.

The `docker-compose up` command aggregates the output of each container. When
the command exits, all containers are stopped. Running `docker-compose up -d`
starts the containers in the background and leaves them running.

If there are existing containers for a service, and the service's configuration
or image was changed after the container's creation, `docker-compose up` picks
up the changes by stopping and recreating the containers (preserving mounted
volumes). To prevent Compose from picking up changes, use the `--no-recreate`

If you want to force Compose to stop and recreate all containers, use the
`--force-recreate` flag.

Usage: up [options] [SERVICE...]

-d Detached mode: Run containers in the background,
print new container names.
Incompatible with --abort-on-container-exit.
--no-color Produce monochrome output.
--no-deps Don't start linked services.
--force-recreate Recreate containers even if their configuration
and image haven't changed.
Incompatible with --no-recreate.
--no-recreate If containers already exist, don't recreate them.
Incompatible with --force-recreate.
--no-build Don't build an image, even if it's missing.
--build Build images before starting containers.
--abort-on-container-exit Stops all containers if any container was stopped.
Incompatible with -d.
-t, --timeout TIMEOUT Use this timeout in seconds for container shutdown
when attached or when containers are already
running. (default: 10)
--remove-orphans Remove containers for services not
defined in the Compose file

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Ok it's working, needed a new version of docker-compose.


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