Clone from github to a local folder with existing code

 I have Codeigniter installed in a local folder named my_project. Now I like to clone a Codeigniter project called Codeigniter-Ion-auth into that folder so that I can send Pull requests back to Codeigniter -Ion_auth.

I have already forked Codeigniter-ion-auth into my own github repo and now I like to clone it into the my_project folder using PHP Storm.


So from PHP Storm I open my codeigniter project and then I try VCS-Checkut from version control-Github.

I select my Codeigniter-Ion_auth so I get the correct URL to clone from

Parent directory: C:\xampp\htdocs\

Directory name: my_project

With this settings I get teh error message "The directory C:\xampp\htdocs\my_project already exist. Please chose another directory"


I don't know what is wrong. I can manually copy all the ion_auth files into my_project and it is working. But I need to clone it.




git clone into an non-empty directory is forbidden. Please clone into a temp directory and then copy everything (including .git) into the target one, that's the only workaround.


Why is that? Is it hard to do that? i wish we could copy the git project into current project folder. it's really getting annoying sometimes!!! It sound so simple but you can't do it with the webstorm? I have all files and environment vars are setup, now i am stuck with this stupid problem....


It's a Git limitation, not ours. We could work it around with our by checking out the project into a temp dir and then moving its contents into the project dir, but the conflicts (if any) still should be taken care of in this case.
If you feel like it's gonna get a lot of votes, please submit a feature request:


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