How do I set utf8mb4 for MySQL?

I'm working with utf8mb4 databases in MySQL and haven't found a way to set that on the connection. Is there a way? I've tried setting characterEncoding and characterSetResults to utf8mb4, but that gets a non supported encoding error.

If I run "set names utf8mb4" on a connection, it works after that, but it's annoying to have to remember to run that Every. Single. Time.

Is there a way to set utf8mb4 on a connection? Or is there a way to set a script to run on connection start so I can put "set names utf8mb4" on there?


Unfortunately, there is no way to do this now :(

We also considering the ability to run initialization scripts:


Thanks for the response! Any idea on timelines? Those issues have been open for a year or two -- seems like a fairly simple fix for the specific case. Even just an option on the connection that's hard coded to run "set names utf8mb4" on connect would work.


Chris Hynes I think I have this same problem. When you say "set names utf8mb4" to temporarily overcome this issue, where do you do it? Thanks!


Can anybody please tell me how this problem can be fixed? A database I am working with uses utf8mb4 and when editing it in phpMyAdmin everything works fine, but viewing or editing data in IntellIJ, it gets messed up.


open your dump.sql in an editor (i.e. vi) and add the line at the beginning:

set names utf8mb4;

and save, try again importing the dump



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