"Main Toolbar" -> "Toolbar Run Actions" Left aligned vs. Right


Ouch! My OCD!

It seems the Toolbar Run Actions are now right aligned. I've spent about 20 minutes trying to get it back to right alignment. I don't know if this was a feature or a bug, but it has been right aligned since I started using in v7. Is there something I can do to (or that I haven't figured out) to get it back over there?

Thanks in advance! Love my IDE!


Well, that is embarrassing... I must have screwed up my menu bar myself somehow. I had not tried the combination of enabling the Navigation Bar and disabling the Toolbar. That worked like a charm and did the trick!

This is resolved, Thank you!




Hi. Try unchecking View | Toolbar.


Thank you, Stuart.

To IntelliJ: This is pretty bad UI design.


Do you have view | navigation bar on?


Thank you! I accidentally messed up my toolbar and couldn't find the fix... yeah, that's definitely not obvious.... 


Wow, that was extremely convoluted but it works;  Have to remember this.  :-)


Thanks for the comment. When I uncheck View | Toolbar, the run configuration area is no longer show. I'd like it to be shown and right-aligned as it has been in the past.



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