Resolved: Problem with GitHub token authentication


Using PhpStorm 2017.3.4, I'm trying to follow the instructions at and running into a problem.


I'm accessing my repository over HTTPS:


I've set up an access token:


But when I try to push to GitHub, I get this popup:


Note that the "login" button is disabled. It appears to only allow the form to be submitted if both fields are nonempty.

If I instead put my token into the password field, I'm also blocked from submitting it:


If I enter my username and then the access token as the password, I get this error, even though PhpStorm confirmed that it can connect with the token:

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Resolved: The access token being used lacked the public_repo scope.

The linked article says "When prompted for credentials, either enter token as username and leave the password field empty or use the token instead of your password.", which I took, erroneously, to mean "or use the token instead of your password and leave the username field blank".


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