How can I tag/color files?



Let's say I have for example completed the class BuyManager, now I'd like to tag it (change the file's color to green for example), so I don't open it again afterwards. Is there anyway to do that? Are there any plugins that would allow me to do that?

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You can get close to what you are looking for by using scopes: Define a scope named 'Completed' (under 'Settings' > 'Appearance & Behavior' > 'Scopes') and assign it a file color ('Settings' > 'Appearance & Behavior' > 'File Colors'). The painful part is to add individual files to a scope (@JetBrains, could you implement a shortcut for that?), but when you've done that, the scoped file will be highlighted both by its editor tab and in the project view.

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This works, but takes way too much time.

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Actually you can add a folder and all the file recursively :
Pretty nice !


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