UI slow on external display with version control log open

Since upgrading to PHPStorm 2018.1, running on the latest 64-bit JVM from Jetbrains, I'm finding the UI to become very slow when the Version Control Log tab is open.  The entire UI slows a little and scrolling the log list is extremely slow.

Edit: I discovered this is only an issue on my secondary displays.  On my Macbook Pro's pro's built-in laptop monitor there is no UI slowdown.

I'm wondering if there's a way to limit the length of the version control log when integrated with git.  I've set the Version Control -> Limit history to 200 and the Version Control -> Background -> Changelists to cache initially to 200 but I still get the complete git history.  Any way to limit the displayed list or improve performance of this tab?

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For me, it takes like 20 seconds from when I click the closed tab until it actually opens it. And in the meantime PHPStorm is completely locked. :(

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Got notified via twitter that the UI slowness on high resolution monitors (such as my secondary displays) will be resolved with PHPStorm 2018.2.  


I'm still interested in limiting version control log length to optimize the experience.

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I think I have a different issue, as my whole computer freezes and I get a `threadDumps-freeze-20180411-095104-PS-181.4203.565-33sec` folder in the logs.

I will create a new thread.


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