How can I disable colored guides in gutter? (PhpStorm)


Does anybody know how to disable the colored guides, as shown in my screenshot?


Hi there,

You better post images using Default or Darcula color schema and not some custom one -- not everyone will be using it or be able to switch to it.


In any case: for me that looks like VCS status for changed lines (quite likely Modified lines). i fit's not that -- need more info.


This is VCS info lines. I wish to know how to hide it too.



Few possible approaches:

1. The most obvious: disable VCS integration for this project. Pretty useless if just want to disable these color marks there.

2. Edit color scheme and make those colors less noticeable or remove the color completely/make the same as gutter background color --  "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | VCS"

3. Just hide them from gutter -- "Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Highlight modified lines in gutter"


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