Live Server???

I'm just wondering if Webstorm has a live server that auto refreshes the page when you save. Something like Brackets. I've been searching thru the settings and can't find anything.


Webstorm supports Live editing - see, This feature can be used for updating application hosted on any server, you don't need special servers for it. But it's only active during JavaScript debug session


Elena Pogorelova Hi, I'm following this JS tutorial that uses Visual Studio code with a plugin named Live Server.

When you save either the HTML or the JS file the browser will show the changes even if you made a change in the JS part and have a log to the console, that will also be shown in the browser, like a reload.

I tried debug and I found that any change in the HTML is instantly but if I change the JS I don't see the console in the Browser showing the new output.

I configured everything properly, see this screenshots.



As you can see I have checked to update even when JS and CSS is changed, but that's not happening.


Any clue?




This is expected. When using Live Edit, changes in 'external' (linked) JavaScript code don't cause immediate page reloading, they are hotswapped: new code is loaded to the browser instantly, but the results of the change will be visible only when you do something to trigger this new code. For example if you change the onClick handler and write new text in alert(), you will see the new text after the click without reloading the page. Same for functions triggered by timer, for example. But if the JS code is executed only on page load (and not on certain event), you have to manually reload the page to see the results - Live Edit doesn't force new code execution, it changes the code and not application state.


Elena Pogorelova


Hi, thanks for your answer, so "Live Edit doesn't force new code execution, it changes the code and not application state." Is there a way to do that? Visual Studio code does that and I thought, hey I pay the whole jetbrains package let's try webstorm.



If you miss a functionality similar to the one provided by VSCode Live server, I can suggest trying server-side solutions for live page reloading like browsersync, webpack live reload, etc.



I have the same problem with external js files, they are not updating like VS Code

Is there any way to work WebStorm like VSCode live server?


I would appreciate the luxury of live edit for all my node.js microservices

can webstorm come up to par here?

I configured

and it does nothing

I change my code

nothing gets reswapped into the runtime for debugger

come on we are running hard with microservices now and this is late

webstorm blows vscode away I really encourage your teams to amp up and get this IDE solid and in the lead

every project I step onto in the states here I am leaving the peer engineers in the dust with webstorm... no lie

can you rooskies keep up with me?

come on webstorm is the best. Im a field consultant in usa. loyal dedicated subscriber for past 5 years and I leave the development competition in the dust





Hot-swapping works when debugging Node.js, but it changes the code and not application state... Please see

If you need server to be restarted, using nodemon is the right way to go...


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