Pycharm - Set default scope for "Find Usages"



I often use the "Find Usages" feature to navigate through my code (I guess everyone does).

The problem is I'm having many boring results that slow down the search, and slow down my navigation. For example, if there's only one usage you expect to jump right to it, but because Pycharm finds some reference in a log file, or in an xml, or whatever I have to wait till it finds the right reference and click on it).

I added a custom scope in order to make this search more efficient, and it works really well, the only problem is every time I start "Find Usage", by control + clicking on the method's / var's name most of the time, I have to re-set the scope, it is not saved as "default" scope for next use.

I've found threads that imply Pycharm should remember the scope set for the last search and use it for the newer ones, but mine don't.

Is it normal?

  • If not, can I fix it?
  • If it is, can I still someone get this feature of "setting default scope"?

Edit: I updated the app (missing a few versions), now it works better, but I still get to set the custom scope once at every launch. Can I make it by default?

Thank you,

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