PyCharm Deployment Encoding Issue


Hi All.

I am evaluating the professional version of PyCharm on a Windows 7 Professional system.  One of the features I really want to work is the Deployment option.  I have set up an entry under the deployment configurations option and confirmed that the fundamentals of transferring a file, via sftp, to the server works.  (The server in this case is a Linux box)  I have gone under the "Advanced Ooptions" and set the "Control encoding:" option to "UTF-8".  I also have my project, folder, and file set for UTF-8 encoding.  And in the lower right corner of PyCharm it shows the file encoding as UTF-8.  However, when I transfer the file to my system it continues to encoded the file in windows-1252.  I have confirmed this by using another editor with FTP capabilities that I have used for years and it tells me that the "source" file (the Linux version of my PyCharm file) is encoded in 1252.  So I am a bit confused as to how to get the UTF-8 setting to survive the transfer process out of PyCharm to my Linux box.  Any help would be appreciated.




Advanced options | Control encoding configures encoding of commands and their answers from servers, and is usually used to fix filenames. Currenty files  are uploaded and downloaded as is, without change of encoding. So most probably Windows-1252 is set by server.


Thanks for that information.  That is helpful.

I am also seeing that the transfers are happening via binary mode rather than text mode.  So that leave a ^M at the end of each line.  If I transfer using a different program as binary mode I can duplicate that situation.  If I use the same program to transfer in text mode the issue is resolved.  So I suspect that a similar situation is happening when I am deploying.  Is there a place to specify the transfer method (ASCII vs. Binary)?  I haven't found one yet.


Unfortunately there is no such setting. Please vote for this feature request


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