Pycharm Debugger "Waiting for Connection" Problem


Hi all,

When ı try to debug my script Debugger doesn't connect. Here is my problem.


I waited so long but nothings happen.


And here my run configurations.

"C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm 2017.3.4\helpers\pydev\" --multiproc --qt-support=pyqt5 --client --port 6213 --file "file"


Here the default settings:


Here Python Debugger settings.


I have tried deleting the .idea folder.





Hi! Could you please attach a screen shot with your Run configuration? In your current run configuration Script path filed has value "file", but it's incorrect. You can generate a correct Run configuration with right click on your file and select "Debug...".


Do we have a solution for this problem yet?


I am observing same issue now. The only difference is that for some files it works(in different directory) and for some it doesn't work.  Most probably it has to do with creating new project. I tried to setup 3 new machines and used same folder(from google drive) to initiate new project on all three. I am observing the issue since yesterday only. It used to work before.


Hi Kapatel1507! Please, create an issue in our issue tracker and describe your problem there. Thank you!


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