Do not self-close component JSX tag on auto completion

When trying to autocomplete components in JSX, it self-closes the tag and puts my cursor after the tag.

E.g. when autocompleting


I get:

<CustomComponent />|

This is not helpful, because it takes me more steps to go back and be able to add attributes to it. And this is especially bad when I want to add children to the component, because I would have to manually remove the self-closing bit and do some other slow steps.

How can I get this result instead?

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You can type


and hit Tab - it will expand to

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Unfortunately that is not auto-completion. I would have to write out the full name of the component myself for that.

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There is not way to switch to non-self-closing tag when completing it; if you miss this option, please feel free to file a feature request to youtrack,

Note that you can generate a closing tag using Expand empty tag intention available on Alt+Enter:


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