How does Pycharm support remote jupyter notebook?


My case is a remote Jupyter instance is running in docker. I want to use pycharm to remotely develop notebook.

(1) I have installed Pycharm latest version. But cannot find doc for how to set this up.

(2) This jupyter instance has some python lib code developed in my company. I want to navigate to the source for reference with local development, is this possible?

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Basically to use Remote Jupyter support you need to set up two things:

1. To execute cells you need to set the password in PyCharm Jupyter Notebook settings and connect to a running notebook server. To do this, specify the Notebook server URL (copy it from the command line where this notebook was launched, and next paste to the Start Jupyter Notebook dialog box). Please follow the links to get more information on how to connect to running Jupyter Notebook and how to use Remote Notebook.

2. To resolve references correctly you need to configure remote interpreter. See instruction.


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